Would You Risk The Cheapest Agent With Your Property?

In Queensland our commissions are regulated so unlike NSW and other states we can charge a maximum scale of fees (5% of first $18,000 and 2.5% of the balance of the purchase price plus GST). Whilst most of us charge this amount (unfortunately we can not charge more 🙁 ) there are certainly some agents that are happy to negotiate and some may even offer a lesser fee.

The question I ask is ” Why do they think they are worth less then 90% of the market place?” perhaps they are?? I would certainly argue that if they can not get for themselves (and their family) the amount of commission 90% of agents ask can you risk them negotiating a sale for you?

As a seller I would always ask if the agents are negotiable. I think it is a great question to ask and see their response. Remember this is exactly the question your buyers will be asking about your asking price. How well the agent protects their own money would surely be an indication of how well they will protect yours!

The agent should be confident in their own abilities and value, if they are not I would be very wary of giving them your most valuable asset and hoping they can negotiate you the best price!

If you think the agent is a good agent despite lacking confidence to charge the maximum fees be sure to ask them of their guarantee. What guarantee have you of their services and them achieving you a result?

I would doubt any would match our efficiency double guarantee – 1. To sell your property in 90 days and 2. To deliver an amazing and detailed list of services. Just email us for a copy, you will be hard pressed to get someone to match it but you are welcome to try.




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