Wondering What’s Draining Your Energy…?

energyMost of us have little idea how much energy is used to run different home appliances. Some people go around obsessively turning off lights in every unused room, while leaving the TV running 24/7.


There are products now emerging on the market such as Kill A Watt or Watts Up? that can help you track the energy consumption of appliances and electronic devices when plugged into them.


Then there are wireless sensors such as the Clipsal Cent-a-Metre, Watts Clever or the Wattson that measure overall energy use as well as the consumption of individual appliances when moved around to different areas.


Put to good use, this information could help save on your electricity bill.  It can also be used to motivate other members of the household to turn off appliances after use, or reduce consumption at peak times.


Source : Quartile Property Network (31 May 2012)

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