Unleash The Dollars In Your Backyard

Unleash The Dollars In Your BackyardSearching for a way to add value to your property without great expense? The answer is often under our nose or, more precisely, can be found by looking in your backyard.

Our love for the outdoors is no secret and you can add value to your property by transforming your garden and creating the feeling of space. There are many simple solutions where, even with a modest-sized area, home owners can provide the illusion of a spacious rear garden. This adds to the appeal of your property and will add to its value as well.

By cutting back overgrown gardens, and tidying hedges and bushes you can create a feel of tidy and orderly space.

Simple tips for creating space in your garden include:

  • Cut-back overgrown gardens and bushes.
  • Have a general rule of gardens across the rear of the yard and possibly down the sides
  • Strategically place your clothesline. The old Hills hoist in the middle of the backyard diminishes useable area.
  • Lay fresh lawn or turf over patchy grass areas.
  • An even rear gardens looks more orderly than clumps and hills.
  • Use weed mats to minimise the growth of unsightly weeds.

Overhauling your rear garden in order to create the feeling of space needn’t be costly. Keep it simple and plan ahead.


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