The Sign of Selling

You have decided to place your home on the market, done all the D.I.Y. work and have the property ready to go. The next obvious step is to meet with a few agents and discuss marketing campaigns, fees and feedback.

Everyone agrees it is important to obtain the best price for your home and structure effective marketing with that in mind. There is just one nagging doubt. Every agent has suggested a signboard and you’re just not that comfortable with it.

Agents know that the signboard is the most effective method of securing your buyer. It may not generate as many enquiries as other sources of marketing but the enquiries that are generated from your signboard very often turn into “buyers.”

Let’s look at some common reasons why some sellers don’t want a signboard and yet why it is so important that you have one.

“We don’t want the neighbours to know that we are selling” – Your neighbours are a great source of enquiry for your property. Often they have friends or relatives that are interested in moving into the area. Your neighbours will soon find out when the agent begins inspections.

“We live in a quiet street” – Excellent. Did you know that most buyers “drive through” an area prior to visiting an agent? Quiet streets are good, and popular with buyers. Those buyers wanting a quiet street will be very interested in knowing your property is for sale. • “They can be a security risk” – These days home security is important, however the signboard is being placed to attract enquiries and interest in your property – this means more people looking to see what is “going on.”

“We don’t like the idea of people looking at our home” – Selling your home and obtaining your dream price is about attracting enquiry and interested parties to your home. We need people looking at your home in order to achieve our goal.

Years of research show that signboards attract actual buyers. Don’t put yourself at a disadvantage due to a belief that they don’t work – they do.

In order to obtain a dream price for your home we need to tell the world, that includes your neighbours.

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