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FREE Property Reports see you informed & protected! Free Flood Reports, distance to services & Travel info

Worried you might pay too much or buy the wrong property? Searching for property can be frustrating and sometimes scarey thing, particularly if you are not 100% familiar with the area you are considering. Don’t get caught  paying too much or in a property that does not work for you.  All you need to know about a property can be found in the following links. Good luck!

Property Reports

– Get your Floodwise Property Report here

– Get your free flood map here

Check out the distance to local amenities here

Get directions to and from your property here

Find out distances and public transport options from your property here

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How Do You Get Thousands of Dollars of FREE Marketing?

Our sellers and ourselves were over the moon on Saturday with our latest free editorial in the Courier Mail. It was worth more than $10,000 and bringing new interest to the property at  505 Brookfield Road, Kenmore Hills.

We almost always achieve free marketing for our sellers provided of course that the property meets the papers requirements (having a pictorial in the paper).

Marketing Property Brisbane

4 Reasons why our sellers receive free marketing

  1. We submit the editorials to all papers we may be eligible for. We submit it early and call to confirm they receive it.
  2. We submit up to 12 professional photos
  3. We complete not only the required forms we have a professional script written which we include so it is done for them. We make it easy
  4. We follow up, follow up, follow up!

It really is that simple. Be consistent, be organised and submit great material early and you will be successful!

Check out Saturdays half page feature. This fantastic property goes to Auction this Saturday 14th November at 10am on site. There is still time to view it, visit the open Thursday 3:30-4pm or 9:30am Saturday before the auction, of course we can make a special time for you if you cannot make the opens. Click here 505 Brookfield Road, Kenmore Hills editorial.

Hope to see you there!

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“10 Tips Choosing A Real Estate Agent When Buying Or Selling Your Home!”


  1. Once you specify what you want ask the agent how he or she will search for your new home!
  2. Save yourself some time. Find out how many homes you will view before you find a home you want to buy!
  3. Ask if you will be competing against other buyers for the property you’re interested in?
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask the agent how he or she handles multiple offers?AS A SELLER YOU’LL NEED TO KNOW…
  5. Specifically, the procedures employed by the agent to sell your home?
  6. See if the agent uses a database system, ask for a demonstration on how easy it is for them to contact buyers about your property ?
  7. Find out how frequently the agent advertises and where!
  8. Ask if you can see a sample flyer and any other sales and marketing materials!
  9. In this day and age every real estate agent should be using the Internet to market their listings…make sure they do…and find out where they market online!
  10. Every agent has references or testimonials as way of proving their excellence…ask if you can see what past clients have said about him or her!
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