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Buff Out Your Borrowing Power

Whether you are looking for an investment property, buying your first home or wanting to upgrade the family home it is important to ensure that, when it comes to purchase time, you can actually borrow the funding you require.

There are several ways that a prospective borrower can boost their borrowing power, enabling them to borrow more or at a better deal.

Tips include:

  • Credit Cards – Sort out your credit cards, pay them out and get rid of them. Lenders take into consideration the number of cards you have and the credit limits on them (even if you have a zero balance). To boost your borrowing capacity you are best off without them.
  • Protect Your Credit File – Every time you make apply for finance it is recorded on your credit file. Some lenders will decline a loan if a borrower has made application too often in the previous 12 months.
  • Collect The Rent – If you own an investment property make sure you are obtaining maximum rent. Under charging tenants lowers your cash-flow.
  • Keep Your Job and Your Residence – Lenders like to see stability. Remain in your existing employment for at least 6-12 months and maintain your current address for a period of time. Lenders don’t like people that switch their lifestyle frequently.

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First Impressions Count – Give your Entrance a Makeover

The first thing anyone sees when visiting your home is the entrance and, with a  few deft touches, you can make that first impression a welcoming one – full of light and warmth.

The use of mirrors can add a spacious feeling, as do fresh tiles or timber flooring. Something as simple as painting or changing the door or the furniture at your home’s entrance can make an enormous difference to it’s appeal.

A nice door mat and some beautiful flowers either side of the door can give a welcoming feel.

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Don’t Be Polite When Inspecting Property – Learn What to Look For

Knowing what to look for when inspecting property can save you time and money. Most properties have their faults but costly structural damage is something most buyers want to avoid. Knowing what to look for can alleviate much disappointment and save you thousands.

Buyers should always obtain a full building report prior to committing to a property. However, knowing what to look for can save a buyer even ordering what can be a costly building report on property that has obvious flaws.

Tips on what to look for include:

  1. Use Your Senses to Detect Dampness – Your nose will help detect dampness on a primary inspection. Musty smells and the presence of mould are sure signs that dampness can be a problem for this property.
  2. Check Water Pressure –Don’t be embarrassed to use taps, flush toilets and hoses. If you flush the toilet and it “wells up” it can be a sign that there is a blockage of sorts in the sewer pipes.
  3. Check Guttering and Downpipes – Circle the property looking for rust to guttering and downpipes. If caught quickly with minimal damage, these can be repaired quite inexpensively.
  4. Look For Structural Issues – On early inspections look at vertical and horizontal lines in order to see whether the property has “shifted”. Sagging rooflines can mean problems as can vertical cracking through layers of brickwork.
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Why is My Property Not Selling?

I have come across this article written by a well respected valuer which I believe is well worth reading if you are selling your property.

Why isn’t my property selling?

Sellers often call me for an independent valuation when they can’t work out why their property isn’t selling.

The first cause to analyse is access.

Your agent should be able to get access to the property as much, and as quickly, as possible. If you live in the property, give the agent a key. If it is tenanted, it is in your interest to negotiate with your tenants to maximise the amount of access they will agree to.

To read the full article click on this link.

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Inspect Before You Settle

Your legal representative will advise you to undertake a pre-settlement inspection and so too will your agent. The Pre-Settlement of Final Inspection is an important step in the purchasing process. Once settlement occurs you have no legal recourse, hence the importance of making certain that your new property is handed over in an appropriate state.

Undertaking a thorough final inspection is of vital importance. Look for inclusions, conditions of carpet, walls, and any other chattels indicated in the contract. Otherwise misunderstandings can occur. Window coverings can be changed and replaced with ones of inferior quality for example. This can also be done with light fittings, dishwashers, BBQ’s and the like.

Tips for undertaking a final inspection:

  • Before entering the contract, be sure to understand exact inclusions and include them on the contract.
  • Ask if there are any “exclusions” and have them noted on the contract. Perhaps a light fitting that matches a bedspread for example.
  • Take detailed notes on the inclusions and keep photos from advertisements to refer to.
  • When the final inspection approaches, review notes, photos and any questions that may have arisen.
  • Have the final inspection on the morning of the settlement wherever possible.
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