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Things You Need to Know Before You Bid at Auction

Things You Need to Know Before You Bid at AuctionLaws governing the purchase of property at auction differ from those covering private treaty.
It is advisable to make sure you are in a position to bid at auction, prior to attending.

A successful highest bidder is committed to proceed with the purchase so bidders need to ensure that they are in a position to proceed.

The purchase at auction (under the hammer) is not subject to a cooling off period or building inspection, it is an unconditional contract.

Tips for preparing to bid include:

  • Obtain written finance approval. This can be subject to a valuation so this may need to be done prior to the auction.
  • Arrange the deposit. Check with the agent what is required. It is usually 10% and payable by cheque or bank cheque on the day.
  • Undertake a pest and building report prior to the auction if the owner has not provided one. If they have, call and discuss report with the inspector.
  • Have your legal representative peruse the agreement for sale and undertake due diligence.
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Divide and Prosper!

Purchasing property on larger blocks in older subdivisions can generate extensive profits if the property can be subdivided.

In recent years local council regulations have varied and smaller subdivision is allowable in certain areas. This change in policy has allowed an opportunity to purchase older property in older subdivisions where a developer/renovator can undertake the renovation of the existing dwelling and subdivide the land creating the opportunity of profit.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Contact local council and familiarise yourself with its policies in relation to subdivision and development.
  • Identify the types of areas where you can find suitable properties for subdivision.
  • Canvas those areas with agents and personally to see if you can find a seller.
  • Make sure you have your finance in place so that you are ready to act should the opportunity arise.
  • Keep you first project simple. A small, successful sub-division will put you in good stead for future projects
  • Always do your homework on the area, market and property!
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Using Sandstone to Create Something Special in Your Garden

The subtle use of sandstone can add to your garden’s ambience. Its natural colours and cooling or soothing “feel” can be used to create a special path or corner of your garden.

There are numerous suppliers of sandstone as well as second-hand sandstone that can save you money and provide an instant aesthetic of weathered sandstone. The addition of a sandstone feature wall, pathway, courtyard, edging or even a bench can create a feature that will be striking and offer pleasure.

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Spring Clean Your Garden

With the winter months behind us now is the time to spring clean our garden. Here are some tips to help your garden blossom in the warmer months.

  1. Remove and compost any dead annual plants that remained over winter.
  2. Prune your perennials to encourage new growth
  3. Pro-actively weed your garden. Remove weeds early in the season before they begin their growth spurt.
  4. Test soil. It’s always wise to test your soil before you begin adding things to it.
  5. Fertilising. Most plants enjoy a good feed during spring. If you have rich, healthy soil you should only need top dressing and compost.
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Why the Best Selling Season is Spring?

Spring is often regarded as the “selling season”.

Gardens are brighter, the climate ideal, and generally better prices are obtained. If you’re thinking of selling this spring, now is the time for preparations.

It’s often wise to spruce up your property, finish any DIY projects and make sure your property is ready to attract the best possible price.

Another advantage of marketing your property in spring is that buyers and sellers can be moved and established in their new premises, ready for Christmas.

If you are thinking of selling this spring contact us for a free copy of our book “How to sell your home for a dream price in record time!”

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