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Hope for Flood Victims

Premier Anna Bligh has this morning boosted payments to $150, 000 for people who lost their homes to Queensland’s summer of disasters. The $50, 000 increase was announced in State Parliament this morning, it came as the Premier unveiled plans to speed up the roll out of donated cash after public backlash.

“All of those who have already recieved those funds will have those funds topped up,” Ms Bligh said.

Ms Bligh said a new team of licensed builders would be deployed to help speed up assessments in high need areas.

The disaster fund committee will meet tomorrow and will consider ways to partner with non-government groups to help the “geniunely” needy.

Too read the whole article, click here.

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How to Store Your Stuff Safely

Storing items will be a huge priority right now for people who have been flood-affected and for those moving home. To cut down on some of the stress, we’ve prepared a checklist for you to consider when storing your stuff.

1. De-clutter. Hire a skip bin and throw out all those items that are severely damaged, broken, and bits of unloved, unused stuff that follow you from home to home.

2. Decide what items will accompany you into your next home and which (if any) of these are going into storage.

3. If you’re using a storage facility it’s wise to inspect the facility prior to signing on. Also, read the fine print carefully and make sure it suits your long or short-term requirements. Some facilities require lengthy periods of notice before allowing you access to your goods. Many storage units remain unsupervised when it comes to what is actually being stored and where. Your neighbouring compartment may contain dangerous goods, liquids that may leak or other nasty surprises that can put your items in jeopardy.

4. Removalists store your goods in approved areas only accessible by approved personnel. Their storage facilities conform with OH&S standards and are monitored to provide protection from pests, flood and fire.

5. Insurance is also a key factor. It is unlikely that your home and contents policy will cover items kept in storage. Discuss insurance options with your removalist or storage supplier.

6. Prepare your belongings to maximise their safety and lifespan! Clothes should be sealed in airtight packages to reduce the risk of deterioration. Carpets and rugs should be cleaned prior to storing. Refrigerators should be cleaned with hot soapy water and a little bleach, then dried before storing.

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What Does the 2011 Floods Mean for Home Values and Rental Returns?

We all expect an impact on values of properties which have been flooded the question on everyone’s lips is how much will that impact be. Please find the link to a 5 page report from Propell Property Valuers. They give their predictions for home values, commercial property and rental returns.

“Property valuers report Queensland Floods 2011”

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Flood Damaged Homes: Who is Responsible for the Damage, the Buyer or the Seller When it Has Not Settled Yet?

I have just read a blog that again makes me feel sick for the people involved. What if a property is under contract and damaged or devastated by a natural disaster like the current floods? Who is responsible? There are no doubt many poor people having to deal with this very problem right now. As I hear stories of others battling with their insurance companies for clarification of what they will cover it appears that this is yet another scenario where the complexity will make an already tragic situation worse as they work out whose insurance company is responsible and if they will cover them anyhow!

Our best wishes to all those affected by these terrible floods, we hope the recovery is speedy for you!

Click here to see the blog from Carter capner law which may shed some light on the matter.

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