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The Latest Data on the Real Estate Market for Brisbane and Across the Nation


The media constantly make suggestions as the market conditions, I have included a link here to the latest Herron Todd White real estate market report so you can find out the facts! They provide unbiased information and include a reminder as the end of financial year approaches to consider getting your Tax Depreciation Schedules done on any income producing properties – and it may also pay to consider if you should be getting an insurance valuation (including any plant and machinery) for particularly rural and commercial operations.

It is always a good read.




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Get the Best Deal on your Dream Home

NEVER take the listed price as an indication of the true value of a property, and thoroughly research the market before putting down an offer.

Those are just two of the tips suggested by Property Searchers director and buyers agent Scott McGeever.

He has been advising buyers on how to get the best deal when negotiating on price.

The latest RP Data statistics show Brisbane is recording the highest vendor discounting in Australia, averaging -7.7 per cent on houses and -7.9 per cent for units.

Vendor discounting is the average difference between the initial price of a property and what is sells for.

Mr McGeever said there were a number of ways to take advantage of the current buyer’s market, suggested inspecting as many properties as possible and gauging interest by attending auctions.

“When making an offer, don’t be afraid to go significantly below list price if that is where you think the value lies,” he said.

But make sure your offer is based on market research.

“It’s a price driven market and vendors need to meet buyer’s expectations,” he said. “A few years ago the market was vendor driven, with more buyers than properties on the market, and vendors were in a strong position to ask for higher prices. Now the shoe’s on the other foot.”

Mr McGeever said if a property has been on the market for some time then it is probably priced unrealistically.

Source: Ben Johnson from Quest News

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Selling a Vacant Home Alternatives to Furniture Hire

We all know that a furnished property can be more appealing and help get a better price for a property but often furniture hire can become expensive particularly if a property does not sell quickly. One of the options we give our home sellers is to do “Virtual Staging” this is where furniture and furnishings are added to the photographs to assist purchasers in seeing how it would look fully furnished. So in the photos instead of seeing an empty room the purchaser sees a well decorated room. With internet such a huge source of buyers for our properties this gives home owners the best chance of attracting people to the property. Often vacant properties do not present well in photos and this can be the perfect solution.

To find out more information on how your property photos can be enhanced in this way contact us today.

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