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The Exception To The Rule Their Service, Professionalism, Follow Up and Constant Attention to Detail is truly Outstanding

We  have bought and sold  numerous houses and units through Grant and Christina Penrose.

Real Estate Agent Brisbane

I would have to say that they are  not only the most professional and passionate people in their industry that I’ve come across, but I think their customer service, attention to detail and results would stand up in any service industry anywhere in the country.

I’m generally pretty tough on the service industry, in that the expectation that most of us have is that is we only get mediocrity in service and follow through. Christina and Grant are by far the exception to the rule where their service, professionalism, follow up and constant attention to detail is truly outstanding.  Enough said.


Gary Bertwistle

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How Do You Get Thousands of Dollars of FREE Marketing?

Our sellers and ourselves were over the moon on Saturday with our latest free editorial in the Courier Mail. It was worth more than $10,000 and bringing new interest to the property at  505 Brookfield Road, Kenmore Hills.

We almost always achieve free marketing for our sellers provided of course that the property meets the papers requirements (having a pictorial in the paper).

Marketing Property Brisbane

4 Reasons why our sellers receive free marketing

  1. We submit the editorials to all papers we may be eligible for. We submit it early and call to confirm they receive it.
  2. We submit up to 12 professional photos
  3. We complete not only the required forms we have a professional script written which we include so it is done for them. We make it easy
  4. We follow up, follow up, follow up!

It really is that simple. Be consistent, be organised and submit great material early and you will be successful!

Check out Saturdays half page feature. This fantastic property goes to Auction this Saturday 14th November at 10am on site. There is still time to view it, visit the open Thursday 3:30-4pm or 9:30am Saturday before the auction, of course we can make a special time for you if you cannot make the opens. Click here 505 Brookfield Road, Kenmore Hills editorial.

Hope to see you there!

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Selling in the New Year? Watch your Spending

A recent change in legislation will make what you are spending important! From January 1 indications are that there will be a mandatory two page sustainability declaration for all vendors to complete before you list your property.

No big deal you think? Well wait until you see it, the guidelines I have seen suggest it will be no five minute job to complete.

You will need to provide details of your latest rates, gas, electric and water bills- so hence the need to watch what you spend. If your property is rented lets hope that tenants will be happy to provide! There will be a section on access which will include such details like width of hallways and doorways etc and the list of requirements will go on!

This declaration will be made available to every buyer and we are waiting for confirmation to see if we have to give every buyer a copy who views the property (we will soon see how committed the government is to saving our precious trees!)

Full details and a copy of the declaration will be available in December and we will paste a copy to our website so you can download it ready.

Disclaimer: the information provided here is a guide only as full details of legislation are yet to be released.

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Too Hot To Handle, Dodgy Insulation Providers Can Cause House Fires!

Isn’t unbelievable to think  you could hire a “professional” to install insulation and it could end up burning your house down! Nothing annoys me more than employing others to do a job and finding out they have not done it properly but this takes it to a whole new level! Potentially burning down your house wow you would never consider it possible.  If you or anyone you know has had work on your roof lately make sure you check this out – details from the Courier Mail following.

The Courier-Mail highlighted concerns about pink batts on Saturday after Queensland’s Department of Fair Trading confirmed that incorrectly installed insulation had sparked roof fires.

Sales of insulation products have boomed since the Federal Government announced a subsidy – now worth $1600 – as part of its $42 billion stimulus package. However, concerns about dodgy providers and high-pressure selling tactics have surfaced as companies rush to capitalise on the scheme. About 100 insulation businesses have been struck off the Government’s register for failing to comply with the guidelines.

A spokesman for Environment, Minister Peter Garrett, said “tens of thousands” of audits would be conducted over the life of the program and safety was a priority. “Any complaints related to safety issues are given maximum priority through the audit and compliance program,” he said.

“The Government requires that installers be a licensed tradesperson such as builder, complete accredited training or have at least two years experience before they are placed on the Installer Provider Register. “To lay any insulation under this program, installers must verify that their work meets Australian building standards.” Any jobs completed by installers later struck off the government register will be targeted for inspection. Of the 100 companies dumped from the register, 22 were from Queensland and the Government said it was investigating several other businesses following complaints.

So far more than 185,000 homes have received insulation under the program. While the popularity of the scheme has boosted business for insulation manufacturers, The Courier-Mail revealed overseas-made pink batts were being imported to keep up with demand, leaking stimulus cash offshore. The $3.9 billion home insulation subsidy scheme will be the subject of a performance audit by the Auditor-General.

Homeowners can phone the Federal Government hotline on 1800 808 571 to check if an insulation company is on the register.

 (Source: Courier Mail Article Oct 09)

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