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Quality Appliances Offer a Quality Price

Quality Appliances Offer a Quality PriceSo you’re renovating your bathrooms and kitchen area, choosing colours, tiles and appliances. It’s true that quality, fashionable appliances add value to your property or at least make it more attractive to potential buyers. In particular, bathrooms and kitchens sell homes.

Quality fixtures and fittings add that special touch to your property, making it visually pleasing and adding a heightened sense of value and style. However, buying appliances that will appeal doesn’t necessarily mean buying the most expensive. It’s wise to shop around and see what features, tones and colours are fashionable and practical, as most buyers especially love clean lines and practicality.

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Choosing a Retirement Home – Questions You Must Ask

Choosing a Retirement Home

The much-loved family home can become a millstone for those approaching retirement age. Buying into a retirement complex is a popular option.

Tailored or purpose-built accommodation for over 65’s having become a popular consideration for many.

However, it is important to know exactly what you are buying and what restrictions exist within a residential village’s guidelines. It is vital to ask the right questions.

“Need to ask” questions include:

  • What facilities and services do I need now and in the future?
  • What level of support is offered to residents and how much does it cost?
  • What rules are there?
  • Do I need a bond or deposit?
  • What are the ongoing costs and how are they calculated?
  • Do I pay regular fees or are they deferred until I sell the unit?
  • Do residents have any control over fees?
  • Who manages the village?
  • What processes are in place to settle any disputes between residents and management?
  • What happens to me if the village is sold or goes into receivership?
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Spring Clean Your Garden

With the winter months behind us now is the time to spring clean our garden. Here are some tips to help your garden blossom in the warmer months.

  1. Remove and compost any dead annual plants that remained over winter.
  2. Prune your perennials to encourage new growth
  3. Pro-actively weed your garden. Remove weeds early in the season before they begin their growth spurt.
  4. Test soil. It’s always wise to test your soil before you begin adding things to it.
  5. Fertilising. Most plants enjoy a good feed during spring. If you have rich, healthy soil you should only need top dressing and compost.
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Why the Best Selling Season is Spring?

Spring is often regarded as the “selling season”.

Gardens are brighter, the climate ideal, and generally better prices are obtained. If you’re thinking of selling this spring, now is the time for preparations.

It’s often wise to spruce up your property, finish any DIY projects and make sure your property is ready to attract the best possible price.

Another advantage of marketing your property in spring is that buyers and sellers can be moved and established in their new premises, ready for Christmas.

If you are thinking of selling this spring contact us for a free copy of our book “How to sell your home for a dream price in record time!”

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