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Why the Best Selling Season is Spring?

Spring is often regarded as the “selling season”.

Gardens are brighter, the climate ideal, and generally better prices are obtained. If you’re thinking of selling this spring, now is the time for preparations.

It’s often wise to spruce up your property, finish any DIY projects and make sure your property is ready to attract the best possible price.

Another advantage of marketing your property in spring is that buyers and sellers can be moved and established in their new premises, ready for Christmas.

If you are thinking of selling this spring contact us for a free copy of our book “How to sell your home for a dream price in record time!”

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The Three Essential Things You Must Do to Sell Your Home at the Right Price, Swiftly!

Thinking of selling and wondering whether you can obtain a fair price?

Selling your largest asset is a serious business, however, regardless of the market place, there are three vital tips to consider prior to placing your home on the market:

Tips to selling:

  1. Price – Price your home correctly and it’s three quarters sold. Few buyers purchase the first home they see. Generally they look at numerous properties, study the market place and become knowledgeable about property values. Pricing your home correctly is vitally important.
  2. Presentation – Make sure your home is well presented. Clean, open, bright and without clutter always works well. Make any repairs before placing your home on the market.
  3. Marketing – Select your agent well and have them design an effective marketing campaign in order to obtain the best price.

By following these three tips you can attract a buyer at the right price and quickly!

For a neutral opinion on the price of your home contact us today on 0418 747 997.

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Time Your Property Sale to Minimize Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) can be one of the heaviest bills that an investor will be forced to shoulder. However, by timing your property sale you can minimise the amount payable.

When selling an investment property, you will have to pay CGT on any profit you make beyond the original purchase price.

By timing the sale of your property so that the effective sale date falls within a more favourable financial year you can minimize your CGT.

What makes a more favourable financial year?

These are years where your planned income is lower than previous years, i.e. your first or second year of retirement. Generally you will fall into a lower taxation bracket and effectively minimize your CGT.

The date of transaction is the contract date not the settlement date. Investors should be aware of that fact because a lot can be gained by timing your sale in terms of CGT.

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How to Get the Best Possible Price for Your Home

Targeted exposure can often prove to be the key to securing a sale on your property for the best available price in today’s market.

In order to obtain top dollar in our current market, a seller must consider all their marketing options. With clever use of the available marketing options it is easy to achieve great exposure for minimal investment. A strong campaign can tip the scales in the vendor’s favour by creating a sense of urgency and competition in the market place.

Tips on obtaining the best price for your home include:

  • Select an agent with whom you can work. Someone knowledgeable with experience and a reputation for getting the job done. They should have testimonials and a proven track record.
  • Tailor an effective marketing campaign with your agent. Remember, the more people who see your property, the greater the competition you create.
  • Be realistic with your price expectation. Dreaming of obtaining tens of thousands more than your property is realistically worth will only hinder a sale.
  • Complete any unfinished DIY projects BEFORE placing your home on the market.

For more tips on getting the best price for your home ask us for a FREE copy of our book “How to sell your home for a dream price in record time!” simply sms Book with your name and postal address to 0418 747 997 today or order from our website today at this link.

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Transform Your Yard into a Tropical Oasis – How to Plant Palms

Elephant’s foot

Picture of a Ponytail Palm from www.nationaltropicals.com.au


Whether you are planning to sell and want a better price or are just wanting to improve your garden  palms are a quick easy way to achieve a great result.  With spring well and truly here, now is the time to prepare your upcoming gardening adventures. Palms are always popular and can create a feeling of tropical paradise in your garden. They are perfect for a quick revamp of your garden or to hide an old, tired fence.

Here’s a step by step guide to planting palms:

  1. When you select the type of palm, look carefully at the availability of space as some palms grow very tall and others can be quite bulky. Also check on what types are most suitable for your climate.
  2. Choose the location mindfully. In particular, large palms may require heavy equipment to assist with planting so consider access.
  3. Ensure there are no underground services where you wish to plant.
  4. Manoeuvre the tree near to where you are going to plant
  5. Excavate a hole that is approximately 30% larger than the root ball. This will allow the root structure to grow into lose soil.
  6. Ease the tree into the hole. The root ball should remain 2-3 inches above the surrounding ground.
  7. Straighten the tree and back-fill the hole.
  8. Stake the tree to keep it standing.
  9. Water tree thoroughly and maintain watering until it’s established.
  10. Make sure it’s not going to block the light into your home when it is fully grown!
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