Space Saving Tips To Tidy Up Your Home For Sale

Remember when we were younger and wanted to hide things from our parents or make our room look cleaner faster so we could get some playtime in with our friends? Well this idea will give a whole new feel to putting stuff under the bed.

In the bedroom

Take the bed to new heights with bed risers. These can be found for $10 at Target; they are sturdy and can be stacked to raise the bed higher. If the closet is about to burst at the seams then under bed storage boxes can become the closets new best friend.

Everyone has seen those infomercials for Space Saver bags, the ones where the excess air is sucked out using a vacuum. They are great for saving space and storing extra sheet sets and blankets underneath the bed without taking up any space at all.

In the closet

Tired of showing up to work wearing mis-matched shoes? Over the door shoe racks can typically run around $25 at Target and hold 34 pairs of shoes. Some over the door hangers even have an area on the bottom to put shoe boxes. Those with children can find them in smaller sizes as well.

For the kitchen & bathrooms

Stuck with a small kitchen and bath area with little or no cabinet space? Well there is one place that is one of the most unused places in an apartment, under the sink. Special equipment is not needed because there is nothing to install. Little plastic baskets come in a variety of colours and they can hold the cleaning supplies and bottles in the kitchen and in the bathroom they can hold those extra soaps and shampoos.

In the home office area

Tired of misplacing important documents? Unable to find a paper clip or pen? Utilise old spice jars, don’t get rid of them, reuse them. These are great for getting those paper clips or push pins out the bottom drawer.

Get a desktop organiser that can easily sit on top of the desk or counter. Some even come with places to keep office supplies easily labelled. These labelled organisers can also be used to sort incoming and outgoing mail.

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