Seven Super Hints For Home and Garden

Whether you are preparing your property for sale or not here are some handy hints to simple problems that can bring us more pleasure in our house and garden.

1. Cleaning a Stainless Steel Sink.

Never use abrasives, scouring pads or steel wool. General stains can be removed with methylated spirits, then rinse immediately to dry. After cleaning, polish the sink with some crumpled newspaper to bring back the shine.

2. Cleaning Sails, Canvas Chairs and Canvas Items around the home.

These are best cleaned by scrubbing the soiled areas with salt and water. Dry them in sun.

3.  Growing Herbs at Home

Basil and coriander are fine to grow in smallish pots, but don’t let them go to seed and prune regularly. Coriander requires some shade in summer months and both like regular water and a touch of liquid feed every so often.

4.  Fertilising the Lawn

Take advantage of rain and moist soil when fertilising. Use slow release or all purpose fertiliser in pellet form and spread it evenly. For best results use a fertiliser spreader.

5.  Add Space and Light to a Room

Adding mirror panels to walls can add both space and light to a room. Use individually “antiqued” mirror panels so they will reflect the light without adding the confrontation and coldness of plain mirror panels.

 6.  Keeping Snails Away From Veggies.

Use equal quantities of garden lime and salt to keep slugs and snails away from the vegetable garden. Sprinkle it around the edges of your garden beds.

7.  Keeping Your Home Cool

When the forecast predicts high temperatures, draw blinds and window coverings early in the day.  Cook outdoors and prepare salads rather than adding the heat of the oven to the indoor temperature.

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