Selling in the New Year? Watch your Spending

A recent change in legislation will make what you are spending important! From January 1 indications are that there will be a mandatory two page sustainability declaration for all vendors to complete before you list your property.

No big deal you think? Well wait until you see it, the guidelines I have seen suggest it will be no five minute job to complete.

You will need to provide details of your latest rates, gas, electric and water bills- so hence the need to watch what you spend. If your property is rented lets hope that tenants will be happy to provide! There will be a section on access which will include such details like width of hallways and doorways etc and the list of requirements will go on!

This declaration will be made available to every buyer and we are waiting for confirmation to see if we have to give every buyer a copy who views the property (we will soon see how committed the government is to saving our precious trees!)

Full details and a copy of the declaration will be available in December and we will paste a copy to our website so you can download it ready.

Disclaimer: the information provided here is a guide only as full details of legislation are yet to be released.

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