Save $$$ with Eco-friendly Appliances

Given that kitchen and laundry appliances consume around 20 per cent of a home’s energy, selecting efficient products can offer substantial long-term savings.

Choosing household appliances carefully can have a major effect on your energy bills as well as helping “green” the planet. Advanced technology has assisted in developing more efficient white goods that significantly decrease the energy use of your home. Familiarise yourself with the energy start rating system and Water Efficiency Labelling when looking for new products. These can offer long-term, ongoing savings to the family budget.

Induction cook tops use about half the energy of gas and 65 per cent less than electric cook tops. Ovens are not subjected to an energy rating and many suspect there is little difference between competing brands.

Refrigerators, clothes dryers and washing machines are subjected to energy ratings that are clearly marked and understood.

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