Don’t Be Polite When Inspecting Property – Learn What to Look For

Knowing what to look for when inspecting property can save you time and money. Most properties have their faults but costly structural damage is something most buyers want to avoid. Knowing what to look for can alleviate much disappointment and save you thousands.

Buyers should always obtain a full building report prior to committing to a property. However, knowing what to look for can save a buyer even ordering what can be a costly building report on property that has obvious flaws.

Tips on what to look for include:

  1. Use Your Senses to Detect Dampness – Your nose will help detect dampness on a primary inspection. Musty smells and the presence of mould are sure signs that dampness can be a problem for this property.
  2. Check Water Pressure –Don’t be embarrassed to use taps, flush toilets and hoses. If you flush the toilet and it “wells up” it can be a sign that there is a blockage of sorts in the sewer pipes.
  3. Check Guttering and Downpipes – Circle the property looking for rust to guttering and downpipes. If caught quickly with minimal damage, these can be repaired quite inexpensively.
  4. Look For Structural Issues – On early inspections look at vertical and horizontal lines in order to see whether the property has “shifted”. Sagging rooflines can mean problems as can vertical cracking through layers of brickwork.

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