Too Hot To Handle, Dodgy Insulation Providers Can Cause House Fires!

Isn’t unbelievable to think  you could hire a “professional” to install insulation and it could end up burning your house down! Nothing annoys me more than employing others to do a job and finding out they have not done it properly but this takes it to a whole new level! Potentially burning down your house wow you would never consider it possible.  If you or anyone you know has had work on your roof lately make sure you check this out – details from the Courier Mail following.

The Courier-Mail highlighted concerns about pink batts on Saturday after Queensland’s Department of Fair Trading confirmed that incorrectly installed insulation had sparked roof fires.

Sales of insulation products have boomed since the Federal Government announced a subsidy – now worth $1600 – as part of its $42 billion stimulus package. However, concerns about dodgy providers and high-pressure selling tactics have surfaced as companies rush to capitalise on the scheme. About 100 insulation businesses have been struck off the Government’s register for failing to comply with the guidelines.

A spokesman for Environment, Minister Peter Garrett, said “tens of thousands” of audits would be conducted over the life of the program and safety was a priority. “Any complaints related to safety issues are given maximum priority through the audit and compliance program,” he said.

“The Government requires that installers be a licensed tradesperson such as builder, complete accredited training or have at least two years experience before they are placed on the Installer Provider Register. “To lay any insulation under this program, installers must verify that their work meets Australian building standards.” Any jobs completed by installers later struck off the government register will be targeted for inspection. Of the 100 companies dumped from the register, 22 were from Queensland and the Government said it was investigating several other businesses following complaints.

So far more than 185,000 homes have received insulation under the program. While the popularity of the scheme has boosted business for insulation manufacturers, The Courier-Mail revealed overseas-made pink batts were being imported to keep up with demand, leaking stimulus cash offshore. The $3.9 billion home insulation subsidy scheme will be the subject of a performance audit by the Auditor-General.

Homeowners can phone the Federal Government hotline on 1800 808 571 to check if an insulation company is on the register.

 (Source: Courier Mail Article Oct 09)


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