Complicated Sustainability Declaration Required From Home Sellers as of January 1 2010. Details Out Now!

We promised you more details on the new 32 question sustainability document which we believe will cause a headache for many home sellers. With 32 Questions plus a household report card which asks home owners, among other things, to list the insulation materials used in their home; to know the size of their rainwater tank; whether they have a recirculation device for hot water taps; whether their shower heads are three or four-star rated and what percentage of their lighting is energy efficient many home owners are likely to struggle.The Mandatory check list includes the energy, water, safety and access features of a property for prospective buyers and it is required before a home seller markets their property for sale from January 1, 2010.

The REIQ says the declaration will impact tens of thousands of Queenslanders every year and have a dramatic impact on the selling process.

“Passing it into law just weeks before it is implemented does not give sellers enough time to become adequately informed,” REIQ managing director Dan Molloy said.

“An agent will be unable to market a property for sale until this form is provided to them by the seller.

“No doubt a new industry of sustainability specialists will be created so yet another piece of paperwork can be completed before a property can be sold.

Infrastructure and Planning Minister Stirling Hinchliffe has promoted the new Bill as an effective new marketing tool for sellers.

“Prospective purchasers will be able to get an indication of the ongoing water and electricity savings that could be achieved by certain features, including energy-efficient lighting and insulation,” he said. “The declaration must be completed after engaging an agent to sell the property, and the property is not allowed to be advertised for sale until it is completed.”

“Advertising material, such as web listings and especially created signage will need to reference where the sustainability declaration can be viewed.”

“The declaration will also need to be made available during open-house inspections as well as within a reasonable time frame if a copy is requested by someone interested in buying the property.”

Sustainability Declaration

All you need to know:

Click here to view a copy of the Sustainability Declaration.

Click here to view the Sustainability Factsheet

Just more paperwork for what should be an easy process – listing your house for sale!!

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