How to Find the Right Buyer and Get Your Dream Price

When selling our property, we all want a ‘dream price’. But people frequently make the mistake of putting this down to good luck. Luck plays only a small part however – the most crucial decisions occur before listing your property on the market. Simply, the key to getting your dream price rests with selecting the right agent and having an effective strategic marketing campaign.

A good agent will help you plan a marketing campaign that can expose your property to a maximum number of potential buyers. More people seeing your advertised property leads to more viewings and a greater number of interested parties. This can then create competition and put you in the box seat for getting your dream price.

So how do you choose a marketing campaign that is appropriate and effective for your home? Basic research and commonsense can assist sellers in tailoring a marketing plan that attracts prospective buyers through a number of outlets.


The first port of call for a majority of buyers today – is the internet. It’s quick, easy and comprehensive, allowing buyers from all over the world to view your property.

Ask your prospective agent what websites your property will be advertised on and also what style of package each of those website offers. For example, some sites offer premium packages whereby your property will appear towards the top of the search. Obviously these packages generate more hits.

Also make sure to ask about the number of hits generated on the agent’s website on a monthly basis. The more people that see your property on the internet, the greater the opportunity of creating competition between buyers.


As with other items for sale, when it comes to real estate, first impressions can significantly influence a buyer’s perceptions – starting with signage and promotional material. A good quality signboard can become the source of a quality enquiry. Having good signage is essential. Enquiries generated from the signboard are from buyers already familiar with the location and neighbourhood and who are interested in the property judging from outside appearances.

Signboards are an important part of real estate marketing. Enquiries generated by signboards are generally of a higher quality than many other forms of advertising. Even if you live in a quiet street, It is highly recommended  that you have a signboard as buyers wanting to live in quiet streets often drive through them in search for their future home.

Newspaper Display Adverts

Advertising in newspapers is an expense that can justify itself in terms of mass exposure. Compare your outlay to your hopeful returns – display advertising “hits the masses.” It can attract a greater number of interested parties, more competition and, if your property is being auctioned, more bidders. A single extra bidder can add thousands of dollars to your sale price.

Quality Brochures

No one respects a tatty photocopied brochure. If your agent is preparing a brochure for your property, ensure that is of high quality. Professional photography and copywriting, as well as the inclusion of a floor plan can make a big difference to your property marketing.

Brochures don’t always attract more inspections, but they do help prospective buyers to remember your property and can influence the size of their offer or bid.

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