No Excuse for Not Getting a Great Price in a Soft Market …

getting a great price in a soft marketIt’s no surprise that the 2011 numbers of property sales is about 20% lower than at this same time last year.

But if you’re selling, don’t be disheartened – you can still obtain a great price for your home by following a few simple guidelines.

When buying and selling in a rising market you are often under pressure to make hasty decisions as any delay can see prices rise while making those decisions. But when buying and selling in a soft market you generally have more time to make more informed decisions and this can give you a competitive advantage.

While your sale price naturally won’t be as high as a boom market, neither will your buying price. So if you’re planning on buying another property, everything evens out.

Tips for getting a great price in a soft market include:

  • Select your selling agent carefully. Look for someone that you feel comfortable with and with whom you can conduct honest, open discussions.
  • Don’t chose your agent based solely on commission.
  • Make sure your home is tidy and all unfinished projects are completed. Don’t ever give a future buyer any reason to quibble and take away any opportunities for a buyer to discount your home.
  • Research the market and set yourself a realistic sale price.
  • Quality marketing plans can improve your sale price.

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