Mr or Ms Right… How to Score the Perfect Real Estate Agent

Mr or Ms Right… How to Score the Perfect Real Estate AgentWhether you are buying or selling, selecting the right agent with whom to do business can determine how smoothly your transaction proceeds.

Sadly, many consumers don’t hold real estate agents in high regard. This is mainly because of stories and myths passed on through family and friends. These days, however, agents are required to operate under strenuous legislation and stepping outside of that legislation can see the agent imposed with extensive fines and/or loss of license.

Consumers can enhance their experience with their agent by following some sound tips.

Tips when buying:

  • Establish an open, honest relationship with your agent. Let your agent know exactly what it is that you are looking for in your new home. Discuss suitable settlement dates, finance arrangements and any other details that could affect your purchase. With such knowledge your agent can help you avoid mistakes.
  • Keep in regular contact with agents. They are a wealth of information in terms of market conditions, new listings and changes in legislation.

Tips when selling:

  • Select an agent with whom you can openly communicate. Look for an agent who is prompt, behaves in a professional manner, offers attractive marketing plans and has a reputation for getting the job done.
  • Don’t select your agent just because they quote the lowest selling fee. A selling fee is only paid once the property is sold, don’t fall for the trap of thinking you’re saving money on the fee by selecting an agent that doesn’t promote your home to the market. Proper promotion means increased competition which generally results in the best selling price.
  • The best agent won’t necessarily quote the highest price. Don’t select your agent based upon them quoting you the highest price for your property. Look at the comparables, the marketing plan and the services offered by all agents then compare.
  • Communication is the key. Be sure to let your agent know exactly what you expect in terms of regular communication.

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