Make Art (not Borscht) with Latest Kitchen Design Trends

KitchenIf you are planning a new kitchen soon, it makes good practical sense to find out what’s hot in kitchen decor. The latest trends usually not only show how modern technology can improve form and function, but will also keep your kitchen in vogue for many years to come.

Susan Hasler, National Sales Manager for Freedom Kitchens, recently attended Italy’s EuroCucina, one of the world’s largest kitchen fairs, and shares her top five international kitchen trends for 2012.

1.     Artist in residence

The stand-out trend this year is the artistic way in which cabinets are being placed in the kitchen. Moving away from the traditional straight run of cabinetry, open shelving and stacked cabinets at varying heights allow a myriad of design possibilities.

Ms Hasler suggests this freely configured and less formal approach will suit the Australian preference for open plan living.

2.     Refreshing colours

Juicy citrus shades like tangerine, lemon and lime are making a big statement right now. Coupled with black or white, timber and glass, the effect is striking and gives people scope to be creative and add personality to their kitchen.

Cobalt blue is also on trend. A deep, luxurious colour, cobalt `pops’ perfectly against white, complements natural wood and looks sleek and modern next to stainless steel appliances.

“Family and friends are constantly gathering together in the kitchen, so injecting a splash of bold colour is a brilliant way to make the space more lively and fun”, Ms Hasler says.

3.     Extreme Benchtops

Benchtops are going extreme – either super chunky at 100mm thick tops or slimline at 12mm or less. Combining benchtop thicknesses, as well as heights and materials, is a continuing trend and a sure-fire way to ramp up the style factor in any kitchen.

Dining will become more communal than ever as purpose built dining tables are brought into the kitchen space. Doubling as workspace, this idea builds on the recent trend of creating multi-use spaces for relaxed entertaining.

4.     Textural spaces

Bringing textural elements to the kitchen is unquestionably in vogue.

Concrete surfaces are `uber-chic’ whilst the popularity of stainless steel hints at the commercial kitchen and is a nod to the rise of celebrity Chefs and cooking programs. Stone surfaces are sporting a new tactile twist with perfectly polished making way for a more raw, natural finish that complements the growing trend towards organic, earthy-inspired spaces.

Mixing materials and experimenting with combinations of gloss and timber, stone or glass, creates an individual look for an exciting kitchen.

5.     Lighting Up

At the flick of a switch, lighting is transforming kitchens from practical preparation space to chill-out zones and entertaining areas. Clever lighting solutions are becoming increasingly creative and more affordable thanks to longer-lasting LED lighting.

Strip lights around an island bench, once available through high-end kitchens only, are impressive, affordable and give the illusion of floating furniture. Recessed cabinet lights create a glow for a relaxed ambience whilst directional accent lighting is becoming popular for highlighting significant design elements in a room.

With improved performance and energy efficiency, layered lighting is certainly a trend worth investing in.

Source : Quartile Property Network (28 June 2012)


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