Love Your Lawns So it Loves You Back!

Love Your Lawns So it Loves You Back!

When selling your home lawns may be the last thing you are thinking of yet lush green lawns can create excellent first impressions. Lawns are often taken for granted and abused through poor maintenance and mowing practices. Take some time before putting your property on the market to have your lawns looking great. Mowing too short results in a lacklustre lawn, that becomes defenceless against pests and weeds. If you look after your lawn it will look after you in many ways that you may not be aware of.

  1. Environmental Benefits. Being green, lawns have a calming effect and absorb heat rather than reflecting it, and therefore help to keep our homes cool. Lawns also absorb dust, spores and other airborne pollutants as well as playing a vital role in the prevention of soil erosion.
  2. Lifestyle Benefits. Lawns are the perfect surface for relaxing, entertaining, kids’s playing and recreation.
  3. Maintenance Tips. Keep your lawnmower blades sharp or change them every spring. Blunt blades bruise and tear the leaves leading to stress and disease. Keep your lawns on the longer side as it helps prevent disease.
  4. And of course when you are selling your property great lawn can help you to achieve a great price!
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