Ipswich Residents to Pay Flood Levy

IPSWICH residents will pay a 38 cents a week flood levy from July to help the council rebuild the city following the devastating January flood.

Mayor Paul Pisasale this morning handed down his council’s budget which included an average rate rise of 3.52 per cent, or 71 cents per week, for owner occupiers. About 1.88 per cent of that, or 38 cents a week, will go directly towards flood recovery, Cr Pisasale said. “Without the flood and the anticipated additional repair costs over and above that funded from state and federal fund, the general rates increase would have been 33 cents per week or 1.64 per cent,” he said. The floods cost Ipswich City Council about $120 million and Cr Pisasale said the extra 38 cents per week would help council borrow $28 million specifically for flood repair works.

The average residential general rate overall has increased by 4.9 per cent to $1053.04 or $1403.34 including levies and charges.

Source: Courier Mail, Sarah Vogler, June 27 2011.

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