Inspect Before You Settle

Your legal representative will advise you to undertake a pre-settlement inspection and so too will your agent. The Pre-Settlement of Final Inspection is an important step in the purchasing process. Once settlement occurs you have no legal recourse, hence the importance of making certain that your new property is handed over in an appropriate state.

Undertaking a thorough final inspection is of vital importance. Look for inclusions, conditions of carpet, walls, and any other chattels indicated in the contract. Otherwise misunderstandings can occur. Window coverings can be changed and replaced with ones of inferior quality for example. This can also be done with light fittings, dishwashers, BBQ’s and the like.

Tips for undertaking a final inspection:

  • Before entering the contract, be sure to understand exact inclusions and include them on the contract.
  • Ask if there are any “exclusions” and have them noted on the contract. Perhaps a light fitting that matches a bedspread for example.
  • Take detailed notes on the inclusions and keep photos from advertisements to refer to.
  • When the final inspection approaches, review notes, photos and any questions that may have arisen.
  • Have the final inspection on the morning of the settlement wherever possible.

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