How To Pull Up The Carpet When Renovating And Let The Floor Boards Shine

How To Pull Up The Carpet When Renovating And Let The Floor Boards Shine

We often say to buyers and sellers “Just pull up the carpets and polish the floors” a simple solution to old tired carpet and can often add value to the property. But pulling up the carpet prior to sanding and polishing can sound basic to the experienced renovator, but to the novice it’s a learning curve.

So here are some easy tips:

  1. If any furniture exists, move it into the garage for the meantime.
  1. Grab some knee pads, a carpet knife or sharp and heavy-duty garden scissors, a mask, a flat-headed screwdriver, a chisel, a small and narrow timber block, a pair of needle nose pliers or wire cutters, a hammer, a tray, and a box or garbage bag
  1. If the molding secures the carpet tack strips in place then you may first need to remove this, otherwise find a corner of carpet and use your flat-headed screwdriver or chisel to dig in and pull it up.
  1. Once you have the corner up apply your mask and grab the scissors or knife and cut the carpet in easy-to-carry-and-roll strips. Roll the carpet strips and place them into a garbage bag or box for disposal. The padding underneath should be easily ripped off afterwards.
  1. Once the carpet and padding is removed and out of the way, place the narrow timber block alongside the carpet tack strips and place the chisel over the timber block, using it like a lever to pull the strips off the floor. This is the start of the most painstaking part of the process and where the knee pads start to come in handy.
  1. After the strips are removed, it’s time to pull up the staples and nails left behind. Try to remove the nails in the direction of the wood grain and use the needle nose pliers to remove both, and if you don’t completely remove part of the staple then use the hammer to flatten it into the floor as the sander can work over it.
  1. Finish by vacuuming the floor then mopping with a disinfectant followed by a wood cleaner product. Voila, it’s time to sand and polish!


Source : Australian Property Investor (1 Decmeber 2011)

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