How to Hang On To Your Home When Money’s Tight!

hang on to your homeWith today’s ever-changing economy, home owners are under increasing pressure and especially when interest rates increases are combined with the rapidly rising cost of living.

We believe that many households are under enormous financial pressure. Times are uncertain. Job security, interest rates, electricity increases and the general cost of living are putting families under more and more pressure. Whatever happens, it is important to attempt to hang on to your home by riding out the storm.

Tips on balancing the budget to hang on to your home:

  • If mortgage payments are too difficult, try and switch to an interest-only loan
  • Shop for a better mortgage deal
  • Rent a bedroom or granny flat
  • Enjoy a great night in – regularly!

Understand that property is a long-term appreciating asset. Hang onto it at all costs if you can, over a period of time the gain outweighs the pain.

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