Get Paid Way More for Your Property With Easy External Fixes…

external fixesObtaining the best possible price for our home is usually a top goal for most of us. So how do we create competition and increased interest in our property when it comes time to sell? Renovating or “tricking up” the outside of our home is one definite way of getting you more buck for your bang!

The key to getting the very best price for your home is to create interest and hopefully competition between interested buyers. Sellers should do everything possible to enhance their property and make it more appealing to the market place. This doesn’t need to cost a fortune. In fact, the following guidelines will help greatly enhance your sale price without breaking the bank.

Tips on renovating the outside of your home with easy external fixes include:

  • Pick a colour scheme that enhances your home and its street appeal. Avoid colours that clash with others or colours that are too offbeat. If you’re uncertain about the best combinations, a colour consultant can help you make the right choice.
  • Choose the right sheen. Glossy paints generally show imperfections, but can look fresher. As a general rule, use higher gloss paints for small areas, windowsills etc. and save flat paints for the bulk of the house.
  • Replace the front door. The front door is your welcome point. If your door is shabby, warped or worn – replace it!
  • Replace the letterbox. Again first impressions count, if your letterbox has seen better days, best to get a new one.
  • Install new house numbers.
  • Tidy the garden. Remove weeds and hide the garden hose.
  • Add flowers or potplants near the entrance to make the property more welcoming.

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