Finishing With Style…Obtain Appealing Finishes

Finishing With Style…Obtain Appealing Finishes

When renovating an older-style home there are many ways you can enhance the exterior of the property. Selecting the right finish for your renovation will determine its ultimate value.

We offer some tips here for obtaining cost-effective, appealing finishes.

Three common finishes that have considerable appeal include: a smooth rendered finish, trowelled splatter finish, and a bagged render. Each are cost-effective and add value to older properties: bringing the old red brick home more into line with today’s smoother lines.

Smooth Rendered Finish – Wet the wall lightly after levelling it out with a concreter’s level, then follow it with a trowel-type instrument and smooth it for a flawless finish.

Trowelled Splatter Finish – The cement is splattered then trowelled to give a similar effect to granosite.

Bagged Render – This technique is cheaper because there is less work but it doesn’t look as good as the classic render. This is applied using a hessian bag or a sponge; these days it’s common to use a soft nylon broom.

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