Who Knows Who You Are?

How would you feel if someone stole your identity and changed the passwords on all your accounts? It is so scarey to think that 4.4 Million Australians are affected by identity thet each year! I could not believe how many have been ripped off like this. (Read it in the Satellite Paper 14/10).

They say it is so easy, most often done by stealing personal information from letterbox’s. I am so pleased we changed all our important mail to our P.O. Box before we sold our last house and moved.

It is frightening though when you consider how many people may have the information about you that is required to do this. I am now giving the office shredder a work out and have even started to wonder if it is valid not to tell people how old you are and being a “really private person”. Could of course also be because I am getting old too 🙂

Thought I would make a comment in the hope I can protect someone from this traumatic experience. A simple awareness may be all that is needed.

Cheers for now



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