Bring The Outside In to Add $$$ To The Value of Your Home

Taking advantage of your outside space and turning it into a fantastic entertainment area is one way of adding appeal and value to your home. Not only will such an area enhance your family lifestyle – it can really boost your property value.

Entertaining is so much easier if you have the space for a dedicated entertainment area. Often it can be a paved and covered B.B.Q. area, screen enclosure or poolside pergola. Some properties offer fantastic opportunities to create such a space either by design, layout or garden privacy. Often a quiet corner nook can be transformed into a paved, leafy entertainment area.

Tips for creating your outdoor entertainment area:

  • Connect indoor and outdoor areas by using complementary colour schemes.
  • Use similar flooring inside and out to give the “feel” of connection.
  • Avoid “bulky” furniture layouts
  • Consider easily stored cube styled seating for when you have “extra” guests.’

 The Best Path to Follow

There is little doubt that when walking around your garden, through your yard or to your home it is always better to have something defined and stable under foot.

Here are some tips on installing effective pathways through your garden.

1. Pebbles

Ornate and exotic pebbles in small bags can be very expensive but can add colour to a garden. They are well suited for use in gardens and have pro’s and cons.

They are good for security as you can hear them when walked upon. Not so good though if you are trying to “sneak-in” after a night out.

2.  Pavers and Concrete

There are a huge range of options here from coloured stencil concrete to sandstone pavers. A well designed path will become a feature of your garden and can really set your property off.

3.   Steppers

Incorporating a series of stepping stones through your garden is another way to provide an adequate path yet set your garden off. Nestling stepping stones through your lawn or surrounding them with coloured stone is always effective and decorative.

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