Aussies Don’t Like to Stay Put

Australians are moving home more frequently than ever before, according to recent research.

Conducted by social researcher Mark McCrindle and Grace Removals Group, the research found the majority of Aussies – 51 per cent – have lived in their current home for less than five years.

The mobility was even more evident in younger generations, with Generation Yers (those agent 31 and under) having moved twice on average over the past five years, compared to veterans (those aged 66 and over), who have moved just once in the past 12 years on average.

The research found that the average Australian has moved almost eight times in their life (7.88 moves), with Victorians moving the least (7.05 times) and Western Australians moving the most (9.27 times).

Rather than moving far afield, Australians are choosing to stay local, with the majority of recent moves occurring within the same state (85 per cent) and four in five of these were within the same or an adjoining suburb.

While 71 per cent of Australians currently live in a house, respondents in the study indicated they believe within a century just 14 per cent will still be living in a house.

It’s expected that by 2111, 48 per cent of Australians will live in apartments, much more than the current percentage of 14.

Source : Australian Property Investor (May 2011)

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