Agents That Think They Know and Don’t! Key Questions You Must Ask When Selecting an Agent!

Have you every thought you knew it all and were great at something only to discover later how bad you were?

I started in real estate at 23 and became successful very quickly, receiving loads of awards for my sales and marketing achievements and yes I thought I was “The Best Agent”.  Being so talented and working incredibly hard and long hours I sold lots of real estate, however looking back I see how much I was lacking and how little empathy I had for my owners and tenants involved in the sales.

So if you are chasing an agent, here are some key questions I recommend you ask:

  1. How many Properties of your own have you sold?
  2. Have you ever been involved in selling due to divorce/separation or financial pressure?
  3. Have you or nearby family/friends been forced to sell your property?
  4. Have you ever auctioned your property/ies?
  5. Have you ever been a tenant during the sale of a property?
  6. Have you ever sold when you have had young children?

Why is this important?  Well if you have been through all of the above you have a different perspective.  You consider the people and their needs and have a good understanding of what they are going through.

For example:

If you have your property’s first open for inspection and the agent did not get the sign up in time.  If you have waited after your own open house to see if it was a waste of time slaving to get it presented perfectly, or if someone actually turned up.  Had an auction that did not sell under the hammer, expected an offer that did not come and no word from the agent either?!  If you have moved mountains and children to prepare for an inspection and no one turned up. When you have experienced all these frustrations first hand, on more than once occasion surely you could not help but be a better agent?

It is little things, like confirming appointments, aiming to have visits at the opens and of course the feedback.  I know myself when I was in my 20’s tired, hungry, and had a huge day, perhaps negotiating into the night there were times I opted to leave update calls to the next day when owners would have been anxious for feedback or wanting to know how things were going.

Now Grant and I commit to contacting our owners everyday, not always a call, it may just be a quick SMS or email but we would not dream of leaving someone in the dark.  The guarantee we offer to our clients is as much about keeping us accountable to what we like when we sell ourselves as it is reassuring potential clients.  It is all about making sure we are truly the best we can be at what we do so the process is smooth and the results excellent for our clients.

We know people are relying on us to do everything possible and everything correctly and the result of the transaction may impact on their lives for a very long time to come!

I apologise to any of my clients who did not get the service they deserved in the early days. I know there is no comparison to the way we work today.

I hope in highlighting the failings of my past I can help you select a better agent when you make your next move. Be sure to choose one who has been on all sides of the fence!

Cheers for now


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