5 Keys to Selecting the Right Agent to Sell Your Home

When placing your home on the market one important factor is often understated – selecting the right agent is of utmost importance.

These day’s agents generally have a high degree of professionalism and can offer a range of advertising and marketing to suit your budget. What are the key ingredients that will determine whether you obtain your dream price and how much influence will agent selection play in determining our final sale price?

We believe agent selection can be as important to obtaining your dream price as having your home complete and ready for sale.

It can be the difference between selling for your dream price or settling for a lot less!

All agents can put adds in the paper or put your property on the internet but it is the negotiation and skill in marketing for the target market that is the key.

Here are five tips to establishing the agent you chose has the skills to deliver the best price for you.

  1. Ask the agent you are interviewing for copies of marketing for similar properties they have sold. Ask yourself is the photography and quality of the material (brochure, internet and paper advertisements) and script the best it could be?
  2. Does the agent discuss the target market for your property and provide you with sales evidence to justify the price given. How well did the agent explain and demonstrate to you the value of your home? This is important as you will need them to convince your buyer soon! Marketing with the right price and target audience is the key to finding the “right” buyer for your home.
  3. Ask the agent to demonstrate to you what they would say and how they would encourage a buyer to increase their offer on your property. Be sure to deal with someone who has confidence and can demonstrate their ability when it comes to negotiation. They also should be clear that they are working for you, the seller.
  4. Remember part of negotiation is building trust with both parties so professionalism, follow up and reliability is part of this. Have they illustrated consistency in this area in their dealings with you?
  5. Ask for evidence. Ask for client testimonials. In reviewing the testimonials check

a)    Are they from sellers or buyers? Look carefully for indicators of who the agent was working for in achieving the final sale price.

b)    The best agents will have testimonials confirming the sellers are happy with the price, impressed with the negotiation ability and the price was in the quoted range or above not just the service!

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