11 Top Tips for DIY Electrical and Plumbing Safety!

11 DIY Electrical and Plumbing Safety Tips:

electrical and plumbing

  • Just because you can buy electrical and plumbing supplies does not mean you can legally use them.
  • Plumbing and electrical work is dangerous and illegal for the home DIYer. Always use a licensed tradie.
  • Call the “Dial before you dig” number 1100 for any work underground like digging for fence posts.
  • Look up when carrying ladders or other long items – power cables outside and light fittings inside are serious electrocution hazards.
  • Never use power tools with damaged cords.
  • Keep cords clear of where you are cutting, drilling and so on.
  • Check for electrical wires and water pipes behind walls and so on.
  • Electricity and water are a deadly combination.
  • Make sure the fuses in your fuse box have not been tampered with and will cut power in the event of an accident.
  • Make sure you have a safety switch to minimise the dangers of electrical accidents.
  • Disconnect power and/or water if working near those services.

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