$10,000 If You’re Planning to Build, Queensland’s Building Boost Grant

Queensland Building Boost Grant“Queensland’s Building Boost Grant”

August 1 saw the introduction of Queensland’s Building Boost Grant.

It is designed to assist home buyers that build a new home between 1 August 2011 and 31 January 2012.

There are eligibility requirements that must be met, these include:

  • The value of the property must be less than $600,000
  • Occupancy requirements within 12 months of ownership
  • Time limits applying for construction of the home.

The grant of $10,000 is to assist with construction costs and boost the Queensland building industry.

This grant will act as a stimulus to the softened Queensland economy and will benefit most Queenslanders.

For more information on the Building Boost Grant visit, Budget.QLD.gov.au

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